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AeroVolution wins first phase of patent litigation lawsuit against Transtex, Inc.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019


AeroVolution wins first phase of patent litigation lawsuit against Transtex, Inc.

U.S. District Court Southern District of Indiana ruled in favor of patent holder and inventor Lee Telnack; case to move to Montreal

OLYMPIA, WA – August 19, 2019 – AeroVolution Corporation, designer of aerodynamic tail products for long-haul trucking, has won a patent infringement injunction against aerodynamic solutions company Transtex Composite of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Transtex LLC of Indianapolis. The company was awarded monetary damages.

AeroVolution’s lawsuit asserted that Transtex and its subsidiary willfully infringed upon its United States Patent ‘384 for self-deploying apparatuses, assemblies and methods for drag reduction of land vehicles held by inventor and AeroVolution Founder and CEO Lee Telnack. Specifically, the patent represents AeroVolution’s industry-first, self-deploying, hands-free, split-per-swing-door tail design. The suit stated that the Transtex Edge-Tail 436 was made, used, sold and imported for sale by Transtex without permission from AeroVolution. The injunction, awarded and filed on August 9, now prevents all Transtex entities from offering for sale the Edge Tail in its current design, and Transtex may not make use of future designs of the inventions represented by the AeroVolution patent.

“We regret that this action was necessary, but we are pleased with the outcome,” said Telnack. “Transtex has stated publicly that it protects its brand and intellectual property, but the company did not hesitate to use my revolutionary design and profit off decades of my hard work and significant financial investment. The monetary damages awarded so far are minimal, but the principal of the suit matters to me and to all of the innovators out there who may be taken advantage of in this way.”

AeroVolution retains Overhauser Law Offices in Indiana, and attorney Mark P. Walters, of Lowe Graham Jones in Seattle, and is seeking additional monetary damages. The suit will move from Indianapolis to Montreal, where Transtex has its headquarters.

About AeroVolution

Transportation design is core to Detroit-area native Lee Telnack’s DNA. His passion for great design, fluid dynamics and speed catapulted his vision of creating an impactful design solution to cut fuel costs by optimizing trailers with add-on aero devices and AeroVolution was born. Twenty years and four patents later, the Booster-Tail TM project, a collaboration with industry leaders and EPA SmartWay, has advanced emissions reduction and has helped to deliver best-in-class aero-trailer designs world-wide. For more information on the Olympia, WA., based company, visit

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AeroVolution, 360-259-1667

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