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AeroVolution is the evolution of aerodynamics for long haul trucking. Our goal is to design the most effective aerodynamic tail products which are user-freindly, work fluidly with standard operations and self-deploy.

Lee Telnack

Founder & CEO

Growing up in Detroit, automotive design is core to his DNA, with a passion for fluid dynamics and speed.  Sailing to skiing, the cars and trucks that transport fun and goods, propelled him to take on this vision of an impactful design solution, to cut fuel costs by optimizing trailers with add-on aero devices.  He had no idea what kind of adventure he really signed up for with this "Booster-Tail" project, or where it would take him. 10 years plus and 4 patents later, while collaborating with industry leaders and the EPA SmartWay to advance emsissons reduction, it has been an eye-opener; with which he has a penchant to direct, incorporate and deliver the best aero-trailer designs world-wide.



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Tel: 360.259.1667

7143 Bayview DR NE

Olympia, WA 98506


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